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Our beliefs are that God is the creator and sustainer of our world. His Son, Jesus, the Christ is the clearest revelation that we have of who God is. The Holy Scriptures are of supreme importance because no where else do we find Jesus Christ. We believe in the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit, God, In three persons – Blessed Trinity!


It is with pleasure that we welcome you to Gravel Hill Baptist, a church rich in history with a determination to share the light of Jesus Christ throughout this community.

Ours is a warm and friendly church that is enthusiastic about the GOOD NEWS! We share it willingly though our Sunday School, morning worship, Bible Study, New Member Orientation Class and youth ministry. Our services are created to bring wholeness, healing and happiness into your life.

We invite you to become a part of the Gravel Hill church family and to share with us God's goodness in our home of Christian service.

As we struggle to give clarity to our theology, we recognize the various factors which have led us to where we are today. We acknowledge that so often we have placed God in a box of our own making and refused to allow any understanding to influence our thinking other than that which we embrace.

Well, God has indeed breathed on us the breath of life and our main motivation now is to share the love of our Creator with our fellow man. We recognize the relevance of Scripture, Experience, Revelation, Tradition, Culture, and Reason in the development of our “God Understanding.” Why don’t you come and join with us on this journey of life, as we seek wholeness and meaning.

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Gravel Hill Baptist Church
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